Monday, 9 September 2013

Living sustainably in the city in France

Hey everyone today I'm writing a post about tips how to live sustainable in the big city. My tips are easy to follow and I think won't cost you an arm and a leg. Remember to check out my Emergency Numbers and How to pronounce French words website. Here are the tips to follow: 

Try walking instead of driving your car or talking a cab. If you can’t walk you can also ride your bike, carpool or make use of public transportation.

Stay away from you television. Watching a lot of TV not only takes up a lot of electricity but also takes up a lot of your personal time. It’s a total waste you could have spent that time living, exercising, gardening, laughing and more.

Support local produce by eating fresh and local foods. You can grow these foods in your own garden, buy it from a local farmer or get it from a local grocery store and maybe you could even learn How to pronounce French words in the process whilst in France.

If you are not using it make sure it’s turn off. This includes water, computers, chargers, tv’s – the rest you can come up by yourself. You won’t believe how much money you could save by doing this. If you can remember to save the Emergency Numbers directly on your mobile device to save time there to.

Don’t buy useless stuff! Stop buying stuff that you are programmed to think you need when in fact you’ll never need it ever! Also give away stuff you don’t need and never use.

Okay everyone I hope the article was informing. Come back next time for more quality information on living sustainable in today’s day and age.